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Larry Hama

Release Date: 06/2020
Price: $41.00

The Larry Hama figure was originally a Kickstarter crowdfunding project that launched March 5, 2017. Due to some factory problems the figure was not delivered until June 2020.



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Body Construction

The entire body mold was original for this figure. Parts were used for Fresh Monkey Fictions's Eagle Force action figure line. Larry Hama has 26 points of articulation.

There is an articulation issue that Fresh Monkey Fiction addressed in a statement. "The waist cannot turn/rotate more than 3-5 degrees, this was a manufacturing issue that was a result of all the issues with Tiandeng Liu and the parts that were recovered from his factory. All the other elements of the figure function as intended but please do not force or turn the waist more than 3-5 degrees on each side. If you do this the pin that holds the waist to the torso will snap."

A resolution to this articulation problem was discovered by several people. Fresh Monkey Fiction released another statement on the fix. "I popped off the head, arms and jackets and dunked Larry in hot water for 3 mins..and guess what! It fixed the issue with the waist articulation. I know it's not great that you need'll need to drown Larry in hot water but if you do that the waist will turn just fine. Sorry for the scare but thanks to the few of you who made the suggestion."


No variations of Larry Hama are known to exist.


A second run of figures was funded on Sept. 1, 2020. These figures will contain a different hat accessory and feature different card art.


This figure is based on Larry Hama, the writer of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic book series from Marvel Comics as well as the creator of most of the G.I. Joe characters bios.