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Snake Eyes

Release Date: 04/01/2020
Price: $39.99

Snake Eyes was released as an online convention exclusive pre-order during the 2020 New York Toy Fair.

Loose Front


Loose Front Loose Back With Gear, Front With Gear, Back


Armor Front Armor Back Bandolier Front Bandolier Back Belt Front Belt Back Left Arm Pouch Right Arm Pouch Left Thigh Pouch Right Thigh Pouch Backpack Front Backpack Back Uzi Gun Silencer Knight Left Hand 1 Left Hand 2 Left Hand 3 Right Hand 1 Right Hand 2 Weapons Rack Front Weapons Rack Back Weapons Rack ISO Axe Sai Scythe Sword Sheath Front Sheath Back Sword in Sheath Staff Training Sword 1 Training Sword 2


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	<a href=Slip Cover Back Exclusive Box Front Exclusive Box Back Print Inside Exclusive Box Box Front Box Back Box Left

Video Review

Video review forth coming.

Body Construction

The entire body mold was original for this figure. Snake Eyes has 38 points of articulation.

Neck Bicep and Shoulder Elbow Wrist Ab Waist Leg Thigh Knee Ankle


No variations of Snake Eyes are known to exist.


No other versions of Snake Eyes have been released.


Snake Eyes is the first 6" action figure that Hasbro has released under the G.I. Joe brand. The initial pre-sale, with a ship date of April 1, 2020, sold out in just a couple hours. More Snake Eyes action figures were offered later in the day with a ship date of July 1, 2020. The figure was only available on the Hasbro Pulse website and has since sold out completely. There was a limit of 5 per customer.

A G.I. Joe Snake Eyes T-Shirt was also available at the same time.