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Cobra Trooper

Release Date: 08/01/2020
Price: $19.99

Cobra Trooper was released as part of the first wave of Special Missions: Cobra Island. A Target exclusive figure set.

Action Pose


Loose Front Loose Back Loose Left Loose Right

Action Pose Action Pose Action Pose Action Pose Action Pose Action Pose


Scoped Rifle Rifle Hand Guns Knife Helmet Goggles Arm Band


Box Front Box Back Box Left

Video Review

Video review forthcoming.

Body Construction

The entire body mold was original for this figure. Cobra Trooper has 38 points of articulation.

Neck Shoulder Elbow Wrist Wrist Thigh Knee Calf

Points of Interest

Head Vest Front Vest Back Glove


There were two different vest collars for Cobra Trooper. Black and Blue.


No other versions of Cobra Trooper have been released.