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Snake Eyes

Release Date: 08/2020
Price: $12.97

Snake Eyes was released in the first wave of the "Retro" Walmart exclusive series.



Loose Front Loose Back Loose Left Loose Right

Action #1 Action #2 Action #3 Action #4 Action #5


Pistol Pistol Submachine Gun Sword Swords Sheaths Explosives Knee Pads Knives Sheath Suppressors Gear Front Gear Back Stand


Card Front Card Back

File Card

File Card

Video Review

Video review forthcoming.

Body Construction

The entire body mold was originally used for the Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes in 2011 and then reused again in 2016 as part of the 50th Anniversary line. Snake Eyes has 24 points of articulation.


No variations of Snake Eyes are known to exist.