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G.I. Joe (2019) #3

"Breakfast In America"

Release Date: 12/18/2019
Price: $3.99
Story Pages: 20
Age: 12+

#003 Cover

Alternate Covers

#003 RI Cover

Issue Credits

Writer: Paul Allor
Artist: Chris Evenhuis
Colors: Brittany Peer
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Bobby Curnow

RI Cover: Tadd Galusha

Issue Notes

Featured Characters

Joe Team: Roadblock, Fadeaway, Tiger, Frontier, and Lightfoot.

Cobra Team: Vipers, Major Bludd, Baroness, and Cobra Commander.

Inside Front Cover

"In the wake of the Unites States' surrender to Cobra, G.I. Joe is fighting back: recruiting civilians and training them as spies, assassins, and saboteurs. Their early missions have not gone perfectly; field member Roadblock killed his first man and is still dealing with it. But the Joes preserve, in a nation under Cobra's command."

Comixology Summary

"A dangerous mission with unintended consequences will divide the new members of the G.I. Joe team and hammer home just how lethal their new mission is. Meanwhile, Cobra comes closer to wiping out all resistance to its rule!"

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