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G.I. Joe (2019) #1

"Life During Wartime"

Release Date: 09/18/2019
Price: $3.99
Story Pages: 20
Age: 12+

#001 Cover

Alternate Covers

#001 RI-A Cover #001 RI-B Cover

Issue Credits

Writer: Paul Allor
Artist: Chris Evenhuis
Colors: Brittany Peer
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Bobby Curnow

RI-A Cover: Dustin Weaver
RI-B Cover: Eleanora Carlini

Issue Notes

Featured Characters

Joe Team: Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Jinx, Stalker, General Hawk, Frontier, Fadeaway, and Tiger.

Cobra Team: Vipers and Major Bludd.

Inside Front Cover

"Cobra has spread its influence across the globe, resulting in widespread war. This war has left few places untouched, including the interior of the United States of America. The forces aligned against Cobra struggle to contain its spread and things look increasingly dire..."

Comixology Summary

"Tyranny is on the rise as Cobra topples governments and spreads its ruthless power across the globe. In these trying times, desperate measures are taken. The new G.I. Joe program recruits civilian spies and saboteurs: ordinary people living in occupied territories who will put their lives on the line to strike back through clandestine but high-impact missions. Join these new recruits as they resist Cobra control, fight to make a better world for all, and find out just what they are capable of."

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